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In addition to offering a full range of Blaser Rifles for sale, Top Dog Guns Global has a large selection of non-FFL accessories that can be easily purchased online and shipped to you immediately. Just visit the Top Dog Guns Webstore to get started. We carry a full range of Blaser accessories such as gun stock forearms, gun cases, scope mounts, rifle slings, barrels, bolt knobs, spare R8 magazine inserts & fire control systems, decorative receiver side plates, and many other items. We also sell optics manufactured by Blaser and Swarovski.The Blaser team is comprised of passionate hunters. Blaser’s firearm ideas are born in the woods, when the team is doing what they love. With fifty years of experience, Blaser continually strives for intelligent advances. With a blend of personalities and a shared enthusiasm of hunting, Blaser’s different talents empower continued success.Each Blaser rifle is milled from a solid piece on high-end CNC machines to ensure precision, reliability and quality. The Blaser team is driven by passion, shaped by intelligence, and powered by performance.
Top Dog Guns Global

Presents The Unique Blaser R8 Rifle
Ten Points of Blaser R8 Rifle Uniqueness

Point 1. R8 Blasers are Modular:
• R8 Blasers can be assembled Right or Left Handed.
• The Blaser R8 Platform Accommodates 50 barrel calibers from .17 Hornet to .500 Jeffery.

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Point 2. Blaser R8s have Straight Back and Forward Bolt Movement:

  • Rapid subsequent shots


Point 3. Blaser Bolt Locks 360 Degrees:

  • Forget 2 lugs, 3 lugs, 360 degrees is the strongest
Point 4. Blaser R8s have Multiple Stock Choices and Configurations:

Turkish Walnut Wood Stocks:
  • Grades 3 to 11
  • American or European Style
  • Right or Left hand or Ambidextrous
Synthetic Stocks:
  • Various colors, Leather, Wood and Carbon Fiber Inlays
  • Right or Left-Hand Thumbhole stocks (Professional Success, Ultimate Success)
  • Ambidextrous Stocks (Professional
  • Adjustable Combs and Butt Stocks
Quick Install Recoil Reduction Devises:
  • 16 oz Kick Stop
  • 12 oz Kick Stop
  • Buttpad recoil reduction system for Ultimate Success
Point 5. Mechanical De-cock Type Safety:
  • Mechanically impossible to fire when de-cocked

Point 6. Enhancement Features Easily Added:
  • Engraved Side Plates
  • Engraved Grip Caps
  • Engraved and Inlaid Bolt Knobs
  • Gold (Titanium Nitrided) Triggers
  • DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) Triggers
  • Gold (Titanium Nitrided) Bolt Heads
  • DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) Bolt Heads
Point 7. Fire Control Group Trigger and Magazine Removable:
  • Removing Fire Control Group Automatically De-cocks the Rifle, Making it safe to Remove Chambered Round.
  • Rounds can be more easily and safely loaded into or removed from Magazine without having to chamber and extract each round.
  • Switch button inside Fire Control Assembly locks the Magazine in the rifle so that it cannot fall out at an inopportune moment (Charging Cape buffalo, African Lion or enraged Brown Bear).
  • Quick Removal of Loaded Fire Control Assembly to be legal when riding in vehicle, but ready in a moment when needed.
Point 8. Unique Scope Quick Detachable Saddle Mounts:
  • 1” Rings
  • 30mm Rings
  • 34mm Rings
  • 36mm Rings
  • 40mm Rings
  • Swarovski Rail Mount
  • Zeiss Rail Mount
  • Blaser Rail Mount
  • Schmidt-Bender Rail Mount
  • After Market QD Picatinny Rail Mount
Fixed Saddle Mounts:
  • Picatinny Rail Mount
  • Weaver Rail Mount
  • All Blaser Saddle Mounts consistently return to zero when removed and reinstalled
Point 9. Barrel Production, Hardness, bedding and Accuracy:
  • Blaser barrels and Chambers are cold hammer forged. Barrels and Chambers are perfectly concentric.
  • Whereas the barrels of most rifles on the market have a hardness rating of approximately 50 on the Rockwell Scale, Blaser barrels have Rockwell rating of 62. This will give added life and accuracy to the Blaser Barrel.
  • The large-scale bedding of the barrel in the solid receiver guarantees repeatable accuracy. Stock deformation due to extreme weather can never affect the position of the barrel.

Point 10. The Unique R8 Blaser Trigger:
  • The Desmodromic trigger mechanism of the Blaser R8 guarantees your trigger will function even when iced or dirty. The trigger system of the R8 is force-controlled. The trigger has no creep and breaks crisply at about 2lbs. Cycling the bolt housing automatically resets the trigger.
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