R8 Professional Hunter


R8 Professional Hunter

Integrated steel receiver, Safari open sights and Express sight, Gold Colored Titanium Nitrated Trigger, Bolt knob inlaid with Gold, express sight, classic ring mount, silver bead, Sling swivel around the barrel, Professional Recoil Pad, Kickstop, Professional Synthetic stock with black Elastomere inlays in Savannah, or dark green or dark brown or optional camo.

Base price includes Selous Barrel ( .375 H&H Mag, .416 Remington Mag, .458 Lott or .500 Jeffrey) Compatible with all other R8 barrels.

Blaser Rifle Bolt Knobs

Pistol Grip Caps

Additional information

Weight12 lbs
Dimensions48 × 8 × 5 in


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