K95 Stutzen Octagon Rifle Barrels


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Weight5 lbs
Dimensions32 × 4 × 3 in
K95 Stutzen Octagon Barrels

.243 Winchester (w/o forend), .257 Weatherby Magnum (w/o forend), .300 Blaser Magnum (w/o forend), .300 Winchester Magnum (w/o forend), .338 Blaser Magnum (w/o forend), 10.3×60 R (w/o forend), 7mm Blaser Magnum (w/o forend), 7mm Remington Magnum (w/o forend), 6.5X55 SE (w/o forend), .270 Winchester (w/o forend), .308 Winchester (w/o forend), 30-06 Springfield (w/o forend), 6.5×57 R (w/o forend), 7×57 R (w/o forend), 7×65 R (w/o forend), 30 R Blaser (w/o forend), 8×57 IRS (w/o forend), K95 Stutzen Additional Barrel Fitting ($455.00)


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